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Class BestFirstSearch

  extended by orbital.algorithm.template.GeneralSearch
      extended by orbital.algorithm.template.BestFirstSearch
All Implemented Interfaces:
java.io.Serializable, AlgorithmicTemplate, EvaluativeAlgorithm
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public abstract class BestFirstSearch
extends GeneralSearch
implements EvaluativeAlgorithm

BestFirstSearch class (BFS). An heuristic search algorithm.

Expands best nodes first, i.e. those that have min f(n).

Implementation data structure is a Heap.

André Platzer
See Also:
Greedy, Serialized Form

Nested Class Summary
static class BestFirstSearch.OptionIterator
          An iterator over a state space in best-first order.
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected  java.util.Iterator createTraversal(GeneralSearchProblem problem)
          Define a traversal order by creating an iterator for the problem's state space.
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Constructor Detail


public BestFirstSearch()
Method Detail


protected java.util.Iterator createTraversal(GeneralSearchProblem problem)
Description copied from class: GeneralSearch
Define a traversal order by creating an iterator for the problem's state space.

Lays a linear order through the state space which the search can simply follow sequentially. Thus a traversal policy effectively reduces a search problem through a graph to a search problem through a linear sequence of states. Of course, the mere notion of a traversal policy does not yet solve the task of finding a good order of states, but only encapsulate it. Complete search algorithms result from traversal policies that have a linear sequence through the whole state space.

Specified by:
createTraversal in class GeneralSearch
problem - the problem whose state space to create a traversal iterator for.
an iterator over the options of the problem's state space thereby encapsulating and hiding the traversal order.
See Also:
Factory Method, GeneralSearch.OptionIterator

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