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Interface EvaluativeAlgorithm

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AStar, BestFirstSearch, BranchAndBound, GaussSeidelDynamicProgramming, GeneralBoundingSearch, HillClimbing, IterativeBroadening, IterativeDeepening, IterativeDeepeningAStar, IterativeExpansion, LocalOptimizerSearch, MarkovDecisionProcess.DynamicProgramming, ParallelBranchAndBound, RealTimeDynamicProgramming, SimulatedAnnealing, ThresholdAccepting, WAStar

public interface EvaluativeAlgorithm
extends AlgorithmicTemplate

Interface for evaluative algorithms.

This interface provides unified access to an evaluation function (to minimize etc.) while processing.

In order to transform a maximization problem into a minimization problem use the evaluation function -f instead of f.

André Platzer

Nested Class Summary
static class EvaluativeAlgorithm.EvaluationComparator
          The canonical comparator induced by the evaluation function f(n).
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Method Summary
 Function getEvaluation()
          Get the evaluation function used while processing.
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complexity, solve, spaceComplexity

Method Detail


Function getEvaluation()
Get the evaluation function used while processing.

Also called objective function.

the evaluation function f:S→R used to evaluate (either utility or cost) value of states.

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