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Packages that use BinaryFunction.Composite
orbital.logic.functor Contains template interfaces for logic functors like Predicates and Functions that can be used for generalized call-back, and functional operations based upon them. 
orbital.math.functional Contains mathematical functors and extended functional operations. 

Uses of BinaryFunction.Composite in orbital.logic.functor

Methods in orbital.logic.functor that return BinaryFunction.Composite
static BinaryFunction.Composite Functionals.compose(BinaryFunction f, BinaryFunction g, BinaryFunction h)
          compose: Map(B1×B2,C)×(Map(A1×A2,B1)×Map(A1×A2,B2))→Map(A1×A2,C); (f,g,h) ↦ f ∘ (g × h) := f(g,h) .

Uses of BinaryFunction.Composite in orbital.math.functional

Subinterfaces of BinaryFunction.Composite in orbital.math.functional
static interface BinaryFunction.Composite
          A composite function.

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