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Interface MarkovDecisionProblem.Transition

All Superinterfaces:
java.lang.Comparable, TransitionModel.Transition
All Known Implementing Classes:
GeneralSearchProblem.Transition, MarkovDecisionProblem.DefaultTransition
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public static interface MarkovDecisionProblem.Transition
extends TransitionModel.Transition

Represents a transition option during a Markov decision process.

A transition option is at least a pair ⟨p,c⟩∈[0,1]×R of a probability of reaching a state (in the corresponding context), and the cost of the action taken to reach it.

André Platzer

Method Summary
 Real getCost()
          Get the cost of taking the action leading to this transition.
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Method Detail


Real getCost()
Get the cost of taking the action leading to this transition.

Note: Since c:S×A→R is a function, the cost should only depend on the action a taken, and the state s in which it was taken, not the actual outcome (which is unknown a priori). Otherwise, subset construction would not be applicable, etc.

c(s,a) the cost of taking the action a∈A(s) that took us here from state s∈S.
RES>0 ∨ RES∈[0,∞)

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