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These web pages provide the services of Symbolaris

Symbolaris.com provides the tools and services, mostly associated with algorithms from logic in computer science. There are tools for theorem proving, model checking, computer algebra, verification of hybrid systems, and verification of cyber-physical systems and their control software and hardware. Notably, symbolaris tools include KeYmaera and KeYmaera X, which are theorem provers for hybrid systems. KeYmaera X is powered by multidynamics.

Further services and tools include simulations, games, verification tools for hybrid games, as well as verified models and proofs for automotive, aviation, railway, and robotics controllers.

More information on these tools and services and results can be found starting from the main web page. If you are interested in purchasing parts of the symbolaris and multidynamics tool sets, other artifacts such as models, or consulting services from symbolaris, please ude.umc.sc@reztalpa.