15-424: Foundations of Cyber-Physical Systems (Sp'16)

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Table of Contents
  1. Final Projects
    1. Theory and Tooling for Hybrid Systems
    2. Aerospace
    3. Robots and Ground Vehicles
    4. Internet of Things
  2. Project Teasers
  3. Schedule
  4. Awards

Final Projects

The Spring 2016 students of the CMU 15-424/624/824 Foundations of Cyber-Physical Systems course are competing in the CPS V&V Grand Prix with the following self-defined final course projects on CPS verification.

Theory and Tooling for Hybrid Systems


Robots and Ground Vehicles

Internet of Things

Project Teasers

These images are shared by the respective students in the course to illustrate the topic of their final projects.


GHC 6115, Carnegie Mellon University

1:00-1:10  Welcome remarks André Platzer

1:10-2:10  First session

1:10NASCAR Refueling Challenges: The Strategy behind a Pit Stop
Connie Wang
1:20Units of Measure for Hybrid Programs
Vincent Huang
1:30Flock on the March
Zihan Zhou
1:40 KeYTuner: A Hybrid Guitar Tuning System
Pallavi Santhosh Kumar
1:50Safety of Satellites: Recircularization of Orbits
Anthony Ko

2:10-2:30   Break

2:30-3:30   Second session

2:40Safe Path Planning for an Autonomous Agent in a Hostile Environment
Jimit Gandhi & Astha Prasad
2:50Orbital Mechanics of Gravitational Slingshots
Adam Moran and John Mann
3:00Drone Ship Lander
David Kyle
3:10IoTSafe: A Safe & Verified Security Controller for Internet-of-Things
Tianlong Yu

3:30-3:50   Break

3:50-4:30   Third session

3:50Verifying Safety for a Hopping, Straight-Legged Bipeded Robot
David Bayani
4:00Safe Diving
Karim Elmaaroufi & Viren Bajaj
4:10Differential Equations through Temporal Logic and Infinitesimals
Evan Cavallo
4:20Amazon Fulfillment Centers: Robot Interactions in a Distributed System Paradigm
Rohan Meringenti & Abdel Bourai

4:30-5:00   Break, Judges in Closed Session

5:00-5:30   Presentation of Awards

[Session 1 | session 2]


In an amazingly tough competition with numerous verification rockstar quality projects, the judges finally settled on the following awards:
  1. Vincent Huang
  2. Karim Elmaaroufi & Viren Bajaj
Honorable Mentions: