KIT Course: Logical Foundations of Cyber-Physical Systems (Wi'24)

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Textbook chapters for the individual lectures are linked below, including supporting slides marked with (S) and supporting videos marked with (V). Neither slides nor videos always cover the full lecture.
(V) = videos      (S) = slides


DateLecture NotesChExtra
Mon21.10.Cyber-physical systems: introduction1(V) (S
Thu24.10.Differential equations & domains2
Mon28.10.Choice & control3
Thu31.10.Ü: Modeling cyber-physical systems
Mon04.11.Safety & contracts4
Thu07.11.Dynamical systems & dynamic axioms5
Mon11.11.Truth & proof6
Thu14.11.Control loops & invariants7
Mon18.11.Ü: Verifying cyber-physical systems
Thu21.11.Ü: Verifying CPS with KeYmaera X
Mon25.11.Differential equations & differential invariants10
Thu28.11.Differential equations & proofs11
Mon02.12.Ü: Proving unsolvable differential equations
Thu05.12.Ghosts & differential ghosts12
Mon09.12.Hybrid systems & games14
Thu12.12.Winning strategies & regions15
Mon16.12.Winning & proving hybrid games16
Thu19.12.Axioms & uniform substitutions18 more
Mon23.12.Ü: Playing and proving hybrid games
Mon06.01.Free: Drei Könige
Thu09.01.Verified models & verified runtime validation19
Mon13.01.Ü: Comprehensive CPS correctness
Thu16.01.Hybrid systems & continuous completeness LICS'12,JAR'17
Mon20.01.Hybrid systems & discrete completeness LICS'12,JAR'17
Thu23.01.Differential equations & completeness JACM'20
Mon27.01.Ü: Complete considerations in CPS
Thu30.01.Distributed systems & hybrid systems LMCS'12
Mon03.02.Virtual substitution & real equations20 FM'21
Thu06.02.Virtual substitution & real arithmetic21 ,
Mon10.02.Ü: Outlook and preparation
Thu13.02.Safe AI & autonomous dynamical systems AAAI'18,PLDI'18

The lecture schedule is tentative!

The chapter numbers indicated above refer to the following textbook:

  1. André Platzer.
    Logical Foundations of Cyber-Physical Systems.
    Springer, Cham, 2018. 659 pages. ISBN 978-3-319-63587-3.
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Textbook: Logical Foundations of Cyber-Physical Systems