KeYmaeraD: Distributed Theorem Prover for Distributed Hybrid Systems

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Table of Contents
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Outdated: Use Successor KeYmaera X Instead

The successor, KeYmaera X, is an entirely new and overall better theorem prover for hybrid systems building on the experience with the successes of KeYmaera and KeYmaeraD. For hybrid systems verification, you should use the new KeYmaera X prover instead. If you are looking for distributed hybrid systems verification the older KeYmaera prover is more suitable.


See Successor: KeYmaera X



Distributed hybrid systems present extraordinarily challenging problems for verification. On top of the notorious difficulties associated with distributed systems, they also exhibit continuous dynamics described by quantified differential equations. All serious proofs rely on decision procedures for real arithmetic, which can be extremely expensive. Quantified differential dynamic logic (QdL) [4] has been identified as a promising approach for getting a handle in this domain. We address the problem of automated theorem proving for distributed hybrid systems. We have designed a powerful strategy and tactics language for directing proof search. With these techniques, we have implemented a new automated theorem prover called KeYmaeraD. To overcome the high computational complexity of distributed hybrid systems verification, KeYmaeraD uses a distributed proving backend. We have experimentally observed that calls to the real arithmetic decision procedure can effectively be made in parallel.

Keywords: quantified differential dynamic logic, verification of distributed hybrid systems, sequent calculus, automated theorem proving, distributed theorem proving, decision procedures, computer algebra, quantifier elimination

Case Studies

In conjunction with KeYmaera, the KeYmaeraD verification tool has been used successfully for verification in medical surgical robotics applications for skull base surgery [9] and in proving collision freedom of flyable disc maneuvers for an arbitrary number of aircraft [8].


KeYmaeraD is an open source verification tool written in Scala 2.9 and compiled into the platform-neutral JVM. Download KeYmaeraD source code and compile to run.



KeYmaeraD has been developed in the group of Prof. André Platzer at Carnegie Mellon University. The main KeYmaeraD developers are

With contributions from


KeYmaeraD is implemented in Scala, which compiles to JVM bytecode. KeYmaeraD has

Selected Publications

The canonical reference on logic and proof calculi for distributed hybrid systems is [4]. Quantified differential invariants are described in [5]. A major case study for quantified differential dynamic logic is reported in [6]. Also see publications on distributed hybrid systems logic and the publication reading guide.
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